Better Than The Dream!

We often attribute our fantasies and dreams of grandeur to God, yet we find no evidence God’s ever told anyone He’s going to let them do what they want, have what they want, and be respected and loved by others for such.

Predictions of getting everything we want are far more often human than of divine origin.┬áSome will say “In my success I’d glorify God!” As if God’s glory should overflow from our own?

God did tell Joseph that he’d rule over his family and He too told Solomon that He’d give him not only wisdom, the man’s single request, but too much more including wealth and long life. There are others God gave some insight to and God offers us directions toward many different types of success, but faith is far more often practiced at least somewhat blindly.

God generally too leads us to where He, not us, will be most glorified. If you know God, then you know being in the area of God’s overflow and worship is a good place to be. We all want our kid to win the game, and likewise our parents probably want us to win ours, but God knows there are times when losing is better for us. There are times when God might even assist the other team!

Do you know God blessed the efforts of those who attacked His own people, Israel and Judah, in the Old Testament? He did so because it was only in the pain and hurt of losing that they’d seek Him. His Son’s grace may make you appear far more favorably to Him, but God hasn’t changed. He will lead us to where we’ll seek Him.

We don’t get to write our own prescriptions or tickets, but we are given the opportunity to follow.