Thank you for visiting our website in development…

In August of 2011 we began Christ Effect to engage, encourage, and  equip Christians online.  The plan from  day one was to offer cool Christian apparel to fund our project and support ourselves, but we’re only finally getting close to making our first shirts available. Stay tuned for that!  Still God’s been glorified and He has blessed many through our graphic designed posts which have been shared hundreds of thousands of time on Facebook.

Connect with us on Facebook by clicking this link and then liking our page there: Christ Effect on Facebook

We’re so thankful for God’s grace, which none of us deserve, and as such it’s always our goal to point that amazing grace out from our operation. We’ve loved doing so online and now we’re super stoked that we’ll soon do so with clothing.

Stay tuned for more soon and again thank you so checking out the site. Watch as we progress and please pray for us as we pray for you. God bless!

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