Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Greater Will…

Life for most of us is about what we’ve achieved, established, and want. We’re dealing with what we have, good and bad, because we see it as our own and our responsibility. We’re reminded too continuously that we’re responsible for all of it by those we owe, those we work for and with, and too those we love most.

The least we know we can do is “maintain” all we’ve taken responsibility for. The harder that becomes and the more we fall behind, the worse we feel and the more likely we’ll suffer consequences for it. Our greatest hope, or so we dream, is to improve our situations by achieving more, establishing something better, and getting what we now think we really want.

All this work for what we want and we want more and something else? We have lived this long and not yet managed ourselves into the purpose,  the happiness, and the passion we longed for and still do. Life for most of us is at best a manageable challenge.

God, The Father, has never been challenged by that which He manages for even a single moment… and yet we live most our lives in such a mode. Most Christians, like most everyone, are living the challenge of maintaining their will.

Unlike non-believers, we who are Christians ask God to help us maintain what we have and for help coming into the solution we’ve come up with. We might as well pray “God help me to do my will…”

God you know all I need is a raise, so help me to get one please?

God you know my child isn’t behaving, so will you please intervene?

God help me to get that car.

God help me to get that house.

God help me to get…

One might think, given our circumstances, that we’re not following God, but that God is following us and asking for direction. We’re making the choices and coming up too with the solutions, which ultimately will likely play out a lot like all of our previous solutions and too need solutions. Are we asking a good and perfect God to help us do our imperfect will?

I have…

Not so long ago I came into this actualization that my life was more than just challenged, it was being ran incredibly poorly. My will had lead me not to greatness, but maintaining what was not appreciating. I’d attained some of what I’d wanted, but even worse had worked for years to come into what I likely never would. Worse of all, I was afraid to lose what wasn’t even working for me?

My mind is broken and my human will is flawed, had it been perfect I’d have established perfection or certainly better than I did. Realizing that wasn’t at all easy. It’s still not. I’m still challenged.

I’m beginning to realize though that I need to be about God’s will, not my own. I need to follow Him, not lead and expect Him to respond to my needs and desires. I’m sensing flashes of purpose, or passion, and knowing like I have never known before.

There’s a greater will…