3rd Anniversary

CFX3 Auguest 2nd, 2014… Today marked three years Christ Effect has been here on FB. I hope God has been pleased by the effort. He deserves all of the glory for what’s been presented that’s benefited lives, Everything done right here is His work. The errors were mine, but His grace applies and I’m still loved!

In looking back I see a few consistent messages that we offered often. One is God loves us despite our imperfections and it’s His grace by which we’re saved. We’ve too challenged religion often. We’ve tried to make it clear that religion can save no one. Jesus saves. I too think the vibes been a good one and there’s been a whole lot to smile about presented.

All of my visions for this project haven’t come to fruition, but I am blessed to know I don’t know all the good that’s come either. God does know though. A number of people have sent messages and commented about great things which is always neat to hear and a part of why I’ve continued. Mostly I’ve continued though because I love Jesus and this is one way I can share Him and love others as well.

Things will change because I’m changing and God’s leading me to do things differently. The platform too has and is always changing, which requires us to change. It’s all good and God’s even better!!!
Thank you sincerely for your connection here. You matter and you are a blessing! God bless!